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Tipo di Dolce: Creme Spalmabili
Certificazione: Biologico
Produttore dolci: Sprigioniamo Sapori

Carob cream, spread on a slice of bread is a real load of energy that puts everyone in a good mood, this cream is obtained from the fruits of the carob tree, a typical tree of the Mediterranean areas. The locust beans resemble a pod of beans and contain seeds, from these seeds and from the pulp many recipes can be produced: flour, pasta, desserts and creams.
Ingredients: sunflower oil *, white chocolate * (cane sugar *, cocoa butter 30.5 *, milk powder *, soy lecithin emulsifier, vanilla extract *, ground vanilla *), toasted carob flour * 22%, icing sugar *, dark chocolate * (organic cocoa paste *, organic brown sugar *, organic cocoa butter *.
Emulsifier: soy lecithin. Organic vanilla extract *, soy lecithin.

* from organic agriculture

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